AB LOTOS Geonafta aims to be considered among the most reliable and valuable employers. Our employees are one of the most valuable assets of the company.

careerWhen new position is available, we give priority to the ones who are already working in the company thus providing career opportunities. The company is proud of the employees loyalty as quite a number of professionals have been working in the company for three or even four decades. We gain from the skills of several drillers who have been over 30 years with the company. Attention is always paid to a young and capable candidates that desire to work in this interesting specific branch of business and if her/his values coincide with the values of the compan

Internship possibilities

We would like to join to our team strong, motivated, qualified candidate. So if currently there are no specific positions available, but you would like to join our team, please send your CV with a photo and a motivation letter via e-mail: cv@lotosgeonafta.lt, by fax: 8 46 470942. Please, specify the position you are applying for in the caption. Inquiry phones: 8 46 484818; 8 46 484877.